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Welcome To Wightman Pharmacy

This pharmacy has been in our family since 1897. My great-grandfather, P.A Hamacher, bought the store and ran it 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 55 years. He sold books, paint, and even cut glass, in addition to filling medicine. There had been a soda fountain in the store until P.A Hamacher took it out in the 50’s. He needed more room for the increasing drug business.

In the early 1950’s my grandfather, J.S. Wightman took the store over and ran it until 1959 when my dad, Tom Wightman, graduated from pharmacy school and stepped into the owner position. Tom ran the pharmacy for 40 years and saw many changes in the pharmacy business.

  • He witnessed the computer age take over (it would be impossible to run the pharmacy without a computer, today).
  • He also saw the changes insurance has made in the healthcare industry.

Tom ran the store until 1999 when I (Steve Wightman) took the keys. I have been here since. Tom continues to work at the store and certainly puts in a lot of time for someone who is retired. He is certainly appreciated and is a huge help.

The pharmacy business is always changing and keeps us on our toes. We are always looking for new ways to improve our pharmacy and service to you. We pride ourselves on personal service and look forward to helping you with your pharmacy needs.

Our Staff

Our knowledgeable, caring staff of Pharmacy Technicians is waiting with smiles to help you with all of your pharmacy needs. When you visit Wightman Pharmacy, we’ll treat you like family – helping anyway we can.

Our Pharmacy Technicians

Bernice Wightman, Donita Wightman, Sharon Toennies, Jeff Harp, Kim Voelker, Sherry Duffy, Penny Lopez, Kristen Schmidt